Free Music Downloads

Links & Graphics

Have your radio spots and/or emails announce that the free download of the week is available on your web site, or in the case of an email, include the appropriate link. When your audience clicks on the download link, they will go to a page designed by us that includes your banner. Here they will proceed to download the free song and can link back to your site through the banner.

Step 1: Adding the appropriate graphic and links to your site.

Option 1: Link Only

Option 2: Graphic

iTickets Free Download

Option 3: Graphic with Song Info
* Graphic will automatically update with each week's new song title and album art.


Step 2: Adding your banner to the top of the music download page.

Email the following info to :

  • Banner - Can be jpg or gif. Must be 570 pixels wide and up to 115 pixels high.
  • Organization Location (city/state)
  • Organization Website
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Phone
  • Contact Email
  • Download Link Option Used (from above)

If you are a radio station please also include:

  • Format/Genre
  • Broadcast Radius
  • Call Letters
  • Target Audience